Free CSGO report bot

What is CSGO report Bot?

A CSGO report bot is a automated service which helps players to mass report hacker which showed into their game , mass reporting those hackers will get them into overwatch and ultimately banning them , We have thousands of account ready to report on just one click , these accounts works on a automated software which guides all these accounts to report a targeted account from their steam profile link and Match ID , currently our free version of report bot only accepts maximum of 400 reports because of limitation in bandwidth required , a premium version of our CSGO report bot can accepts over 10000 at a single time , this report bot should be used wisely and should not be used to report innocent players even though an innocent player will never get banned because of this report bot because it still needs to go in overwatch.

Why report bot?

We all hate hackers , no one likes to play against a hacker and there is no fun in the same , so we created the state of the art free report bot system for you all to keep the game fair and clean for all of us. The Report bot is used when someone needs to be reported and there is simply not enough players available to report them , The said player will get banned after going into overwatch if they were really hacking. This tool is a legit way to get a hacker banned!

How do i know if the player got banned?

The email provided by you will be used to send the confirmation that the reported player got banned and you will be notified as soon as possible , There are still chances that the player don’t get ban at all because of one of the two cases , one is the player is innocent and never used hacks and was reported falsely or the player still needs to be reported more , in that case the player can be reported again after 24 hours by our system with more reports

Can I get banned if someone reports me using this tool?

You will only get banned if you used hacks while playing and used any kind of third party restricted software forbidden to use by valve , you will never get banned if you are innocent and never used hacks because the mass reported player still goes into overwatch after report. so , this is a two step process and a player reported goes into overwatch where experienced players demo review them and judge on the basis of their gameplay whether the given player is hacking or not , also there can be few rare cases when a person gets banned falsely by overwatch but those can be fixed by sending a ticket to valve and proving them your innocence

Can I report a player again later?

Yes, we have a 24 hour cooldown in our system for each player reported , so you can report them again after 24 hours if you wishes to , or you think the player needs to reported more to get him/her into overwatch.

Why our Report bot is better than others?

There are plenty of report bots available on the internet both free and paid ones , but our report bot ensures that the quality of the reports stays consistent and maintained , that’s why our report bot is better than all the report bots out there , people don’t know that when the accounts in report bot are used for a limited number of time , the quality of there reports gets degraded and they needs to be replaced , all the report bots out there dont do that, our CSGO accounts which are used to report players are replaced regularly to maintain the quality.

There are also fake report bots out there which claims to be real ones but are actually fake and does nothing after taking your input , These report bots are useless and should not be trusted by any means. our free report bot after being used and after a player gets banned send a detailed report to you to see how the backend works and we try to stay as much transparent as possible . You can see all the logs of the said reported player , the date and time he/she got banned and the number of other players who reported the same person

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