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Private rank 2 CSGO Prime Account | Instant




private rank 2 Prime CSGO Account

A private rank 2 Prime or a PR2 account is a competitive ready account , that means you can play competitive matches as soon as you get the account , Private rank 2 is great because you get to play first 10 rank deciding matches or rank placement matches , it is the best choice for those who want to open the rank themselves according to their skill group

Note : – This is Not a steam Gift OR CD-Key

This is a instant buy account,  which means you get the account as soon as you buy it in 1 second

If you wanna save some time and want a Ranked Account , do checkout other CSGO prime accounts with already opened rank

Features :

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive Already Added into the Account
  • Private rank 2
  • Ranked locked
  • Wins : 0
  • Prime Enabled : Yes
  • No Hacks / third Party Software’s are used to Boost the Account

2 reviews for Private rank 2 CSGO Prime Account | Instant

  1. swenzje

    payed for 2 private rank 2 accounts with skins and they came very fast!

  2. licyGurry

    best site to buy csgo accounts

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