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Why Buy CSGO accounts?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become one of the most beloved multiplayer games. This engaging and entertaining game will keep you entertained for hours. But, only if you have the right tools. You may be asking what tools? The right type of csgo account that have the right reputation and commends. GoForSmurF will take care of all your buying needs. You can buy csgo accounts from a variety of accounts depending on your level of expertise, and you can then start playing right away.

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What is CSGO Account?

Global Offensive Counter-Strike(CSGO) is a Multiplayer First-person shooter Created by Valve And Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the final and fourth game of the season.Counter Strike series. This game is in development since more than two years. What is the best way to get started? MacOS What is the best way to get started? Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 In August 2012,Linux 2014 Valve keeps updating the game with smaller content additions and balancing patches.

The game has two sides  and can be played by either Terrorists side and Counter-Terrorists side in game. The game features them competing against each others in objective-based game modes. Each mode has its own characteristics.

Global Offensive was well-received upon its launch. It received positive reviews for its gameplay and compatibility with the Counter Strike series. It was praised for its gameplay and faithfulness to the Counter-Strike series. The game’s revenue and cosmetics were the main focus.

An active esports community continues to carry on the tradition of international competitive gaming established in previous games. Global Offensive is a global esports leader.

What is Prime CSGO account?

Prime is a paid version or a premium version of CS: GO. It can be purchased or acquired when you reach private rank 21 levels. This game has specific benefits of Account. You are also limited to matching with prime users only when you reach the prime status. There are some exclusive Prime-exclusive souvenirs that you can collect in the game. You also have special game modes.

What are benefits of buy CSGO accounts?

  • Prime Status users can matchmake with only users with Prime Status in all game modes. Prime users can also earn XP and Competitive Skill Groups. They are eligible for weekly item drop. Prime users are the only ones who can enjoy these benefits.
  • CSGO prime accounts can give you a head start. It doesn’t take long to earn the rank, skins or weapons. These prime accounts can be obtained quickly and you will not have to spend hours and tons of effort on earning the above-mentioned benefits.
  • The CS GO prime account can be purchased with the rank you choose. You can also skip any hacking you may encounter when you start playing the game. You can get rid of all cheaters and hackers who take away the joy of gaming.
  • A prime account also gives you the opportunity to participate in better matchmaking. You will have a better gaming experience if you team up with other players.

What Do you receive when you buy CSGO prime accounts?

When you buy CSGO accounts from GoForSmurF , you receive a prime status enabled CSGO account or whatever you have bought like Service medal , trophies , coins or Pins . when you buy CSGO prime accounts , you will receive an email in your email account with Steam ID and Password , this steam id and password can be put into the Steam Login client and you will be ready to go into the game and start prime enabled matchmaking , if you wan to change the details of your account like Email address and Passwords , you will need to contact the goforsmurf support and they will help you with changing everything , we also provide lifetime customer support to all our buyers , that means if at any point of time your account gets compromised , we will help you recover it back or provide your a replacement or refund based on our refund policy