CSGO to Valorant Sens Converter

If you recently decided to switch from CSGO to valorant , You can use this CSGO to valorant Sens Converter to Calculate or Convert you CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant

CSGO to Valorant sensitivity Converter

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What is Sensitivity?

Your sensitivity is the most important setting when you play an online game. It determines how fast you can interact and aim. Even the most skilled players can be held back by a low sensitivity. It is possible to play with a very wrong sensitivity. This can make it clear how important it really is. It is crucial to determine the right sensitivity for yourself. It is difficult to determine what that sensitivity is. Every game is unique, and every player has different preferences and skills that can make one sensitivity more appropriate than the others. How do you choose the right sensitivity for your game?

There are things you can do, no matter what game you’re playing. After you have found the settings that work for you, you can adjust your sensitivity to match your skill level. It is easy to determine the settings for your sensitivity using a keyboard or controller.

About CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter

Valorant is the most trending PC 5v5 tactical shooter FPS game which is attracting a lot of Gamers , the second hottest game Counter strike global offensive or CSGO is another FPS game liked by the gamers , it is really important to change your sensitivity when switching from one game to another , because there will be no compromise in the aim and muscle memory you might have build over playing your previous game in the past years , this is a CSGO to Valorant Sens Converter which is to be used for players switching from Valorant to CSGO , this converter is Free to use and you can share it with your friends and anyone who wants to use it freely.

Things to keep in mind before using this converter

This converter only works when :

  • Your DPI is not changed when switching from CSGO to Valorant
  • Windows Sensitivity has to be same when switching CSGO to Valorant

How to use CSGO to Valorant Sens Converter

csgo to valorant sensitivity
  • First determine what sensitivity you are currently using in CSGO , if you already know what sensitivity you are using you can just go to next step , to know your CSGO Sensitivity you can do that by two methods , either go into settings then click on Keyboard/Mouse and then you can look at the option Mouse sensitivity Value which is your CSGO sensitivity , or you can enable console in General settings then press the key tilde key ( ` ) , then type Sensitivity in Console to get your CSGO sensitivity
  • Put in your CSGO sensitivity you got from the above method in the CSGO to Valorant Sens Converter
  • Click on Copy Button to Copy your new converted Valorant Sensitivity
  • Go to Valorant Settings , Click on General then click on “Sensitivity : Aim” and paste your Valorant Sensitivity
  • Now you can enjoy playing Valorant with the same aim you used to do in CSGO