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Why buy CSGO accounts from us?

We offer a broad range of accounts, all with lifetime warranty. There are no better deals than what we offer! You’ll never have to buy CSGO Accounts again. We offer a wide variety of accounts, all of which are 100% legitimate and come with a Guarantee. So if you’re looking for a safe and reliable place to buy smurf accounts, goforsmurf is a great option.

There are plenty of places to buy CSGO accounts, but are they actually legit? It can be hard to tell, but there are a few things you can look for to help you decide. First, check out the seller’s reputation. If they have a lot of good feedback, that’s usually a good sign. Second, When buying an account, make sure the seller can provide proof of authenticity such as screenshots or videos. This will allow you to be confident that you’re not being scammed.

What are benefits of buying CSGO accounts?

  • Prime Status users can do matchmaking with only users with other Prime members in all game modes. Prime users can also earn XP and Competitive Skill Groups. They are eligible for weekly item drop. you are the only ones who can enjoy these benefits.
  • CSGO prime accounts can give you a head start. It doesn’t take long to earn the rank, skins or weapons. These accounts can be obtained quickly from us and you will not have to spend hours and tons of effort on earning these benefits
  • The prime CSGO account can be purchased with the rank you choose. You can also skip any Struggle you encounter when you start playing the game such as facing cheaters which will spoil your game and make it hard for you to rank up.
  • These accounts also gives you the opportunity to participate in better matchmaking, Since You will have a better gaming experience if you team up with other prime members.

Which is the best site to buy CSGO accounts?

We has been into CSGO account selling business since 2016 and we have gained so much trust from our customers that we have sold thousands of accounts to gamers arounds the world, our world class customer support is there to help you at anytime of the day and night 24/7 round the clock. GoforSmurF should be the first go to website to fulfill all your smurfing needs. Also you can go with our service blindly because large part of the Smurf accounts are supplied by us in the market , you can check our reviews on Trust pilot and judge on your own.

Can i get banned if i buy CSGO accounts?

Many people think twice before buying an account because they think that CSGO smurfing can get them banned , well rest assured we guarantee you that CS GO smurfing is not at all bannable . Millions of Gamers around the world make or buy smurf accounts daily and and play in their secondary accounts daily and they never get banned. the small amount of people those who get banned does not get banned because they are smurfing, but they get banned because of other reasons like using third party software’s. Most of the People have alt accounts and they never get banned so why would you get banned if you are clean and just want to enjoy the game.

How to get CSGO Overwatch Accounts?

There are a few ways to get Overwatch csgo accounts. The first is to buy them from a reputable website. The second is to find a friend who already has an account and ask to borrow it. The third is to create your own account and keep playing in it until it becomes trusted and when you have enough good stats. There are many websites that sell Overwatch csgo accounts, so be sure to do your research before purchasing.

Advantages of buying an Overwatch Enabled CSGO account
If you already have a CSGO account and you’ve been playing for a while, you may be wondering whether there’s a reason to buy a new, overwatch account. Overwatch is a system in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games that allow players to review recorded footage of suspected cheaters and decide whether or not they should be banned from the game. Here are a few reasons why you should have an overwatch account. 
  • You can help keep the games fair by helping to review footage and report any cheaters 
  • You can earn in-game items, skins, and badges for your participation in Overwatch
  • You can improve your game by watching other players and learning many important strategies from them
  • You can show off to your friends how dedicated you are towards the game

What are CSGO alt accounts?

you may be wondering what CSGO alt accounts are. In short, these are essentially alternate accounts that players use to gain an advantage in the game. While some may view this as cheating, others see it as simply using whatever means necessary to win. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual player to decide whether or not they want to use an alt account.

Advantage of buying a CSGO alt account

There are many reasons to start playing an alt account or Smurf account. The most common reason is to avoid toxic players and have more fun while playing the game. Alongside this, smurfing can be a great way to play with your friends no matter their skill level, as they can play with you as long as they have public games set. Finally, even if you’re a beginner, playing on a high skill account will help you build a better style and learn some of the basics of cs go. Overall, having an alt csgo account or csgo smurf account can make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

How to buy csgo account with high trust factor

If you’re looking to buy a CSGO account, your best bet is one with proven reliability. We at GoForSmurF , specialize in providing our customers with accounts that have a high trust factor. Our Website only has accounts that are high trust factor and high amount of wins and hours

Meaning of Trust Factor

Trust factor is a system that CSGO uses to match players with others in the game. It takes into account a variety of factors Such as hours , Medals , Coins , Loyalty badge and Commends on your profile. The trust factor of a CSGO account can be a determining factor in whether or not you should purchase a CSGO Account. A high trust factor means that the account is more likely to be matched with players of a similar skill level, which can give you an edge when playing competitive mode in CSGO. It also means that the account is less likely to be banned for cheating, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Why should you buy a high trust factor CSGO account?

There are many reasons to buy a high trust factor CSGO account. The most obvious reason is that it will help you win more games. A high-trust account gives you a better chance of being matched with better players. and it also allows you to access better servers. Another reason to buy a high trust factor CSGO account is that it will help you improve your skills. If you’re constantly matched with better players, you’ll be forced to improve your own skills in order to keep up. With a high trust factor CSGO account, it will help you be a better player overall. Ultimately this will make you better in the future, and it’s also smart to invest in one because they allow you to become an even better player.

A High trusted CSGO account is a great way to start. The high trust factor you get means you can play with people of the same rank and there’s a good chance that ‘ll help you improve your skills. Plus, there are some free items included which will give you an advantage in-game!


Buy Faceit CSGO accounts on GoForSmurF

Counter Strike is an Esports game which everyone know ,  What many don’t know is that players make money off this game as well. 
And if you’re interested in joining a competitive match, you’ll also need a Faceit account! . A free platform that allows gamers to easily find and join online competitive games. Join tournaments and ladders to win prizes and climb the ranks, or enter matchmaking games and hone your skills. 

Why buy a Faceit CSGO account?

Faceit provides gamers with a launching pad to the exciting world of online gaming. It allows them to connect with and communicate with others across the world offering an exceptional gaming experience for competitive and casual gamers alike  You can buy Faceit CSGO accounts on GoForSmurF and get access to a wide range of online games. Faceit CSGO Accounts Offer Better Matchmaking ,If you’re looking to up your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, you may be wondering if a FACEIT account is worth your while. Here are the top reasons you should get one

  • Faceit accounts offer better matchmaking than the standard CSGO matchmaking system, meaning you’ll be matched up with players of a similar skill level. This makes for a more enjoyable and challenging experience overall.
  • With your Faceit account, you can find tournaments that give prizes of up to $20,000. This provides a great opportunity to challenge yourself and the best players.
  • Faceit CSGO Accounts Give You Access to More In-Game Content , There are a few reasons why you should consider buying a CSGO FACEIT account. For one, it will give you more in-game content. This includes things like new maps, weapons, and game modes.

  • Faceit is a CSGO platform where you can meet people to work on your skills and practices. It has been designed so that no matter the skill level, it provides you with a way to help and improve your game, thanks to its large community of players.

  • Faceit is an online platform you can track your progress, and practice against other players. You can also use its tools to watch replays of your gameplay and set up play sessions.