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What are CSGO Non Prime accounts

CSGO Non prime are those accounts which don’t have Prime enabled by default , These Accounts cannot go into prime enabled matchmaking and cannot play with other prime members. It is also a great way to start if you are a beginner in Counter Strike Global Offensive

Why Non prime CSGO Accounts are better than Prime

In some aspects Non primes are better than prime enabled accounts because they provide more flexibility when you do matchmaking in them. When you play in non prime matchmaking you don’t have to worry about de ranking and about going lower in your ranks as these accounts don’t have any ranks at all.

These CSGO Accounts give players a head start into the game if they purchase Prime membership in their accounts in future, Which makes them a great way to start your CSGO Journey

Non-Prime CSGO Accounts are more Affordable

Another Reason to buy non prime accounts is they are very affordable , These Accounts starts at as low as a single dollar for level 2 accounts and two dollars for a ranked account.

Non prime accounts are very pocket friendly, hence it is always suggested that you buy these account if are low on budget and don’t want to spend too much on CSGO Accounts.

Why buy Non prime Accounts from us?

We provide the best quality of CSGO Accounts which comes with full access and instant delivery. When you buy an account from us you get Steam Account ID and password as well as the Email Account attached to the account which gives you more security over other normal accounts which are available in the market.

When you buy an account from us you get lifetime guarantee on your purchase , that means if you encounter any problem you can always come and contact the our support and get instant resolution to any kind of issue.