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What is Valorant?

Valorant , a free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter, was created by Riot Games and is now available for download. In October 2019, the game’s codename Project A was revealed for the first time. Microsoft Windows will launch it in the summer 2020.

This tactical shooter is character-based and 5v5 with a twist. The standard round of Valorant features two 5-man groups fighting each other in a bomb defusal mode that is dependent on the outcome of round outcomes and player’s frags.

This mode has a standard time limit of 100 seconds and a twofold triumph condition: either elimination of the opposing team or destruction/defense of the object. After 12 rounds, the groups switch sides and the main team wins 13 rounds.

This method of gameplay is well-known and valued. It provides a solid foundation for competitive matches. The game is a strategic shooter and offers a wide range of weapons for players to choose from: Shotguns (Assault Rifles), Shotguns, Shotguns (Sniper Rifles), Machine Guns (Submachine Guns), Sidearms, etc.

Each weapon has a recoil pattern which must be controlled by the player to ensure accurate shooting. This adds to Valorant’s skill-based gameplay. If the Riot’s adjusting team is responsible, there is a great chance that the game will continue for quite some time.

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