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What is Valorant?

Valorant , a free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter, was created by Riot Games and is now available for download. In October 2019, the game’s codename Project A was revealed for the first time. Microsoft Windows will launch it in the summer 2020.

This tactical shooter is character-based and 5v5 with a twist. The standard round of Valorant features two 5-man groups fighting each other in a bomb defusal mode that is dependent on the outcome of round outcomes and player’s frags.

After gaining so much popularity people are choosing to buy valorant accounts , buying a valorant accounts saves them from hours of grinding to open the competitive mode and rank , Valorant accounts can provide a number of benefits to players. These include access to exclusive skins, weapons, and other in-game items, as well as the ability to play with friends and join competitive tournaments. Additionally, owning a Valorant account can provide players with a sense of ownership and accomplishment, as well as a sense of pride in their gaming skills.


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Advantages of buying a Valorant accounts


  • You don’t have to waste time opening that rank – all our accounts have already opened ranks, so we do it for you, which saves a lot of time, and there is an old saying that time is money, so why not spend some money to and buy a valorant account?
  • you get agents already unlocked – you get many of the agents already unlocked, which also saves a lot of time; you will need to grind a lot to open just a few agents in the game, so the best benefit of buying a valorant account is you get agents already unlocked
  • you don’t have to spend a high amount of money to buy skins – you won’t have to buy skins in our account when you buy an account with skins, the skins will cost you almost 60% of the original amount if you buy directly buy from the market, and that saves a lot of money
  • you don’t have to play the first ten unrated games – you won’t have to play the first ten frustrating games you have to play before going into competitive mode, the first ten games are already played, and you can enjoy matchmaking right away
  • Valorant accounts are cheap and affordable – Most of our valorant accounts are amazingly low price; you can literally buy an account from the money you spend to buy a single skin; yeah, it’s that cheap!
  • You don’t have to deal with hackers – if you buy a valorant account of low rank, you don’t have to deal with cheaters as a study has shown that most of the cheaters are found in the higher ranks of the game.
  • You can have some chilling time with your friends – who wants to play those frustrating and serious games always? you must be looking for some chill games to enjoy with your friends; well, after buying a valorant smurf account, you can do that instantly in low ranks, you won’t have any pressure to win games or anything else; you just have fun in the game
  • You can play in any region – We have all regions of valorant accounts for sale , you can choose from NA , EU and SEA . if you friend who is from another region you can simply buy an account of that region and you can enjoy the games with your friend

All regions are available to buy

We know that our customers are there all over the world , but valorant is region restricted , that means valorant players can only queue in matchmaking in the same region they are , but we have valorant accounts for sale of all the regions , you can choose from NA valorant accounts , EU  valorant accounts accounts and SEA valorant accounts

This is also a good way to match with your friend who lives in another country or another region , for example an NA iron Rank Valorant account cannot Queue with an EU iron Rank valorant Account , both accounts needs to be of the same region i.e. Either both needs to be from EU or NA , So you can easily buy a valorant account and solve this problem and queue with your friend as much as you want.

We also have All kinds of Ranks available from all the Region you can buy

  • Valorant Iron NA (North america) region account
  • Valorant Bronze NA (North america) region account
  • Valorant Silver NA (North america) region account
  • Valorant Iron EU (Europe) region Account
  • Valorant Bronze EU (Europe)  region Account
  • Valorant Silver EU (Europe) region Account
  • Valorant Iron SEA ( Oceanic and Asian ) region Account
  • Valorant Bronze SEA ( Oceanic and Asian ) region Account
  • Valorant Silver SEA ( Oceanic and Asian ) region Account
  • and much more.

Buy valorant accounts with skins

On GoForSmurF you can either buy Valorant accounts for sale with skins or without skins , you can choose what kind of skins you want and what kind of Rank you want , we have large variety of different kinds of valorant accounts which will help you to choose from your desired account, We have All kinds of ranks and Accounts will all types of bundle which were limited or non limited , We all know that valorant bundles comes with a limited time opportunity and if you miss it you cant buy it anymore , but worry not by buying an account from us you can get any kind of valorant skins bundle you want.

Is valorant smurf account legit?

Yes! , Smurfing in Valorant is legit as long as you don’t use any third party software’s you will not get banned , you wont get banned for just playing in another account. Millions of people have alt accounts and they play from different accounts daily and they don’t get banned , So there is no way you will get banned for it. Also all of our accounts are boosted by talented professional players who know how to play at high skill levels , they boost your accounts according to your needs so that you can enjoy playing in your desired rank whenever you want.

How to Kaufen Valorant Accounts?

Valorant Account is so easy to buy that anyone can buy it , Buying a valorant account is similar to buying anything from an ecommerce website from the internet , Buying a valorant account is just a few steps process and you will get your account in no time as soon as you pay sucessfully. You will get the account in your email and you just have to login into your Riot Client and you can enjoy playing in your new account. If you are still unsure and stuck somewhere you can check our guide on how to buy valorant accounts on our website

We have all kinds of Valorant accounts on Sale

We have all kinds of valorant accounts on sale , you can choose from all kinds of different ranks from iron to bronze to Immortal to radiant , and you can also choose what kind of skin bundle you want , We have been into other game accounts business from 2016 and we have years of trust and thousands of reviews and we recently got into Valorant account for sale business and we are committed on providing the best service to you. You can rest assured and go with our service blindly, GoForSmurF is the best website to buy you own valorant smurf account , We are not saying this just because we just want to sell our service but we actually made a comparison to all other service providers who are in the similar business and we actually are committed to providing you the best features and the best quality , You might be thinking there are hundreds of websites to choose from and why should you go with GoForSmurF then you should read our Article on Where to buy Valorant Accounts We made a comparison to some of the famous Game accounts providers with us and we came to the conclusion that we can undoubtedly provide you the best service above all.

Cheap and Affordable valorant accounts

You might be surprised or not believe it at all but we sell Valorant accounts starting at one dollar only , You can get a Fresh Valorant account starting at one dollar only and you can enjoy in your new account by losing almost no money at all. We also guarantee you that you wont be able to find any better price range of accounts than us on the internet. Our Ranked accounts are the most affordable of them all and you can Just get it without thinking twice because you get lifetime guarantee on all of our accounts and you will be provided with our best in the business Customer support which is there to help you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The accounts you buy from us are Full access that means you can change the email on these account to yours and gain full ownership of the account and make it yours.

How to make an EU or NA valorant account?

If you live in another region and want to play valorant account in servers of other countries , you cannot simply do so if you don’t live in that perticular country , here buying a valorant account comes into play , when you buy an account you are free to choose from which region you want the account from. you can either choose and EU valorant account or NA valorant account no matter where you live. There are many reasons you might want to buy an account from another region

  • You want to play with a friend who lives in another region but you cant because you don’t have the same region accounts
  • You want to experience playing in NA and EU servers and play against professionals around the world
  • Buying account from other region also make you explore more possibilities into the game about how different people play the game differently from other countries and you can learn from them to implement in your game
  • You can also create Turkish valorant account when you buy , so that you can buy Valorant Skins for cheap and enjoy having new skins at affordable prices

Best place to buy valorant account

Goforsmurf has a variety of Valorant Accounts, from Iron up to Radiant. Players can select an account that best suits their skill and needs. Goforsmurf offers accounts for all levels of players, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, We provides instant delivery of account. The players can immediately start playing to climb the ranks. This means that there is no wait period, or delay.

Goforsmurf also offers accounts of high quality that are safe and secure. These accounts are leveled manually by experienced players to ensure that they are of high-quality and free from penalties or bans. The accounts are hand-leveled by experienced players, ensuring that they not only have a high quality but also that there is no ban or penalty.