Where to Buy Valorant Accounts?

where to buy valorant accounts

Are you fed up of continuously playing and trying to rank up but cant , and now you have come up to google to search where to buy valorant accounts? well then you have come to the right place!

But why buy an account?

I have been Playing valorant for years and I have experienced it all , from getting matched against Hackers to getting not so good teammates in your team and getting your teammates getting disconnected every other round , I have seen it all and that was the reason for me too to just purchase an account so I don’t have to go through this misery.

Its not so bad thing to buy an account the way people make it, You know what your level is and if other people have more control over your game than you do then that is the problem, and this is when you have to buy an account to get your desired rank.

Getting your desired rank just solves all the problems , you don’t have to go through all the worst games you were having and just get to the rank you truly deserve. its just simple , if you dont deserve that rank you will simply rank down , and if you made the right decision then you will be able to maintain your rank , this is also a great way to find out where you stand.

The real question , Where to buy valorant accounts?

well buying a valorant accounts is not so easy task , if you have money to spend and don’t want all the hassle of finding the best stats for your account and finding it in the best price then it might be easy for you, but if you are like me who always try to get the best out of the money I spend then you need to do some research to find a perfect valorant account which fulfills your needs and fits into your budget.

There are Hundreds of websites which will sell you game accounts and different kinds of accounts, but you are only gonna buy from one of them, considering that you will not be buying an account more than once.

Before going further I must tell you that GoForSmurF , The website which you are at right now also deals in selling different kind of games account from valorant to CSGO and much more. We have been doing this business since 2016 and have gained a lot of trust and love from the community.

If you are looking for an account my First suggestion would be to go with GoForSmurF for getting you Smurf supplies. but it will be considered biased isn’t it? Just because I work for this website is not the reason I am suggesting that, I am suggesting based on my experience.

So, Lets go ahead and compare what out beloved website GoForSmurF has to offer in comparison to some of the famous Websites in similar category

The comparison of what every other site has to offer

Where to buy Valorant accounts

So, After evaluating everything we can see that GoForSmurF here is the Clear winner and this website should be your first go to website to fulfill all your smurfing needs. So, I think you all must have gotten your answer of where to buy valorant accounts

But is it really that important to consider these features?

Full Access & Email access – If a website is not offering you full access and email access you should stay away from them , because full access is important to gain the full ownership of the account.

If the email attached to the account is not yours, they can simply gain back the access of your account anytime they want and you will be left with nothing , so if someone is not offering you the email change access to your account strictly stay away from them!

Price of the account – you don’t want to get ripped off , if all you want is an account to play and have fun with friends , money is hard to earn and you should be careful while spending it

If someone is offering you a simple level 20 competitive ready account for 50USD and you blindly trust them and go with it , whereas you could just get it for as low as 7.99USD , its not a good thing because you just got scammed my friend.

Guarantee of account – If you buy an account , its the sellers responsibility to give all the needed support whenever anything goes bad with the account , for example you just bought an account and another day you find out its not working anymore because the seller just regained the access to the account then you just got nothing out of your money and basically you just got scammed. So its important to consider if the sellers is providing the guarantee on the accounts they sell or not

Quality of support and Responsiveness of support – even if they are offering guarantee on all their account , but they are just ignoring you or never comes online for customer assistance its a problem. find out some reviews and see how the quality of the customer support is , incase you want to see ours here are our reviews

Is it safe to buy a valorant account?

Yes , its 100% safe to buy a valorant account and there is no problem in buying an account online , all those who says that it is wrong and it is not safe to buy accounts online have no prior experience in buying an account online and they dont want you to see get into higher ranks so easily because they are struggling for the same.

So, I request you to get this experience yourself , as long as you are buying from a trustable source there is not going to be any issue in buying an account.

How long is the Account Buying Process?

Account buying is similar to buying anything online , the same way you buy anything on amazon or any other ecommerce website the process is the same here. Its just that you get a physical product there but here you are getting a digital product into your email, Its just a three to four step process.

If you still need help and cant figure out how to do it , then its good to read our another article on how to buy a valorant account , the guide will help on every step included in buying an account

What all ranks of valorant I can buy?

You name it and the rank is available at our website , there are different kind of valorant accounts to choose from to fulfill everyone’s needs. We have all kinds of account from a fresh zero level account to all the way up to radiant, The account can also contain skins if you like and if you don’t you can just buy a basic account with just unlocked rank in it. Also we have all the three regions available North america (NA) , South east asia (SEA) and Europe (EU) , Here are few of the accounts which we offer to our customers