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What is a Loyalty Badge CSGO account?

If you are at this page you are most likely looking for a CSGO account , and some of you must be wondering what are Loyalty badge CSGO accounts?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released on August 2012. It is a worldwide phenomenon and Counter strikes fourth installment. While few updates have been made to the game’s dynamics, the December 6th update, 2018, which introduced the csgo loyalty badge, has far exceeded all previous attempts.

The speculations about this update began long before it actually dropped. Players who have spent thousands of hours in the game were concerned that they would be required to participate in matchmaking sessions with new players. This would make the game tedious and attract hackers and grefiers.

Prior to the update, Counter strike had a division that allowed you to level up to 21 in order to become prime. However, the new update introduced prime status with loyalty badges to celebrate the release of danger zones.

Players were able instantly to purchase prime status or to upgrade their account to level 21 in order to gain prime status. However, it wasn’t the same without the loyalty card. This badge signifies that you have been associated with the game for a while.

You cannot currently earn the loyalty badge as csgo doesn’t offer it to new players. There are many csgo accounts that come with a this Badge. To claim a this badge, you don’t have to play hours. you can just buy a loyalty badge csgo accounts from GoForSmurF

Why buy a loyalty badge CSGO account?

You can play the full version of CSGO for free as the recent update , including battle royale, but you are limited to the amount of inventory you can have . Additionally, you cannot gain prime-exclusive souvenir items, weapon cases, or item drops.

A quick reminder to players who purchased CSGO prior to the change to free to play status, You will receive a Loyalty Badge and will be upgraded from Prime status to the current status. This will not require 2 step verification. If you do not have Prime, you will still have access Prime and Trust factor matchmaking.

Non-prime players may purchase an “upgraded” version of CSGO. This grants them access prime-exclusive souvenir items and item drops. They also have access to weapon cases and prime/trust factor matchmaking. However, they will not be able to access the Loyalty Badge because it is restricted to players who purchased CSGO prior to the free to play changes.