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  • How to make a jump throw bind in CSGO

    In the highly popular and competitive first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CSGO, players oftentimes do whatever they can to have the slightest advantage over other players, as in such a competitive game, a fractional advantage can change the tides of the game and lead to a victory. One such method of maximizing advantages […]

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  • Best CSGO Launch Options for Optimal Performance and FPS (2021)

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not the heaviest game you will ever play in the world. In fact, it was released almost a decade ago and it wasn’t even that heavy back then. The game is a very well maintained and well balanced game. It was created to use the least amount of graphics based resources. This was […]

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  • How to buy CSGO Prime accounts on GoForSmurF

    Shopping CSGO accounts is really easy on GoForSmurF , first you have to decide which account you wanna buy and are interested in as there are different types of CSGO accounts , like accounts with medals or csgo high tier accounts or maybe an account with 10 years coin or a accounts with service medals […]

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  • private rank 2 CSGO Prime Account Private Rank CSGO Account

    Private rank Account is the Starting Pre Ranking System in CSGO , Which allows New players to unlock there ranks according to there skill level , it can be any rank starting from Silver 1 to Global Elite , it allows player to initially grind there way to get there desired rank , there are […]

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  • What is CSGO Account

    CS:GO or Counter Strike is a tactical first person shooter made by Valve . This game consists of using teamwork to complete objectives . Weapon skins are also a key factor in the game . These skins show status, and dedication in the game . This is because some skins are more appealing and attractive than others […]

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