How to buy CSGO Accounts

how to buy a csgo account

Are you a CSGO gamer who is fed up playing in your main account because it is too high rank or is it getting too boring playing in the same rank every day? And you are wondering how to buy CSGO accounts because you want to have some fun and wants to smurf in different or lower ranks so you can have a good time playing the same old boring game , well you have come to the right place and we will answer all your questions on “CSGO account kaufen”.

When buying a CSGO account , the first thing you need to know is which type of CSGO account you are looking for , it can be low rank if you want smurf , like a Silver ranked CSGO account , or a High rank like a Global elite CSGO account , and another thing to consider is that if you want to buy a prime or non-prime account , because Playing Competitive matchmaking in a non-prime matchmaking is a pain and you get so many hackers and cheaters that you just don’t want to play in this kind of matchmaking , so when you have figured our the rank and type of account which you want to buy , The next thing to consider is the amount you are willing to spend on your new account , that is Your budget.

CSGO accounts can be anywhere starting from a single dollar to a thousand dollars , yes! CSGO account can be of any price because of the features which can vary in each of them , like Hours , Medals , trophies , Badges and Ranks. After you have determined your budget the next thing you need to do is search for a website which deals in selling CSGO accounts , there are many website which Sells CSGO accounts and Valorant Accounts and all kinds of Game accounts , but you need to be aware because many of them can be a scam and you don’t want your hard money to go to waste. If you ask us , then the best site we think to buy a game account is the website you are reading the article. Yes!, that’s right , we are not recommending you to buy from us just because we want to make profit , but because we are very serious about it and value our customers , We have been into this business since last 8 years and counting , and we have gained a lot of trust from gamers around the world and we try to fulfil all the needs of our customer who want to buy any kind of game account.

We have a vast variety of accounts available on our website , you can CSGO account kaufen , Valorant , GTA 5 , Rust , PUBG Accounts and many more game accounts from us. And you can Pay by hundreds of payment methods available at the time of checkout so you can buy with ease , We accept all the major payment methods like PayPal , Credit cards , Debit cards , Webmoney , Paysafe Card , and all the major Crypto currencies. If you have any questions or problems regarding your purchase you can always message us on our live chat support or message us on discord by creating a ticket , we take it very seriously and we want each one of our customer satisfied with their purchase.

Okay so if you have now decided to buy from GoForSmurF then you can go ahead and buy any kind of CSGO account you are willing to, and its very easy to do so. CSGO account kaufen or any other game account is the same as buying any other product on Amazon or any other ecommerce website

  • Add your desired CSGO accounts or any other account in cart
  • Go to your Cart by clicking on the cart icon or by going into – MY ACCOUNT>CART
how to buy csgo accounts
  • Apply any coupon code if you have and then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
CSGO account kaufen
  • Fill in all the required details and select your desired Payment mode
buy csgo with paypal
  • Accept Terms and conditions
buy csgo with skins
  • Verify Captcha and click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
buy csgo accounts with skins
  • The order is received and will be delivered on your given email
get free csgo accounts

After a successful transaction and when the purchase is completed you will receive your account details like this in your email

csgo steam account

Now you can login to your CSGO account using the given steam ID and password in steam client. If you want to change the email address associated with your account , you can contact the support and they will help you change all the details of your account. Also if there is any problem with your account then we never ask any questions and just replace your account with a new one , if that is not possible then we will just refund your purchase to the original source.

If there is any Game account which you don’t see or would like to have on our website , you can request for it by mailing us on [email protected] and we will try to add it in our website as soon as possible and notify you about the same. Other than that we constantly keep adding new account on our website , so keep a check on our website for updates regularly , or you can just simply follow us on facebook , Instagram or discord for updates