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Silver Elite – Silver Elite Master Prime Account | Loyalty Badge | Instant


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Silver Elite Prime CSGO Account

Silver Elite Prime CSGO Account in CSGO which lies just above the Silver 1 and 2 and just below the Gold Novas , which makes Silver CSGO Smurf account a great choice to play in. A high Ranked Player Can easily Survive in this rank aswell as low rank also wont have any problems playing . This Rank is filled with New and Low skilled players which makes it easy for even an average player to get easy kills and have a good time playing the game . This is a Prime Enabled account , So you wont be Facing those Bad hackers at the game which always ruins your game when you used to play in your old account

Silver CSGO Smurf Account Silver CSGO Account Silver Smurf Account

Note : – This is Not a steam Gift OR CD-Key

This is a instant buy account, which means you get the account as soon as you buy it in 1 second

if silver elite is too low rank for you consider to buy a gold nova CSGO account


Features :

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive Already Added into the Account
  • Private rank 3-6
  • Ranked unlocked
  • Wins : 10-50
  • Loyalty Badge
  • Prime Enabled : Yes
  • No Hacks / third Party Software’s are used to Boost the Account
  • Instant Delivery : Yes

2 reviews for Silver Elite – Silver Elite Master Prime Account | Loyalty Badge | Instant

  1. Fbsbsmisp

    will buy csgo account again

  2. Shinchan (verified owner)

    +rep best service to buy accounts

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