5 years and 10 years Veteran coin CSGO Non-Prime Account | Instant




10 Years Veteran Coin CSGO Account

A 10 year coin CSGO Account is perfect to add in your collection if you want your account to be looked like a veteran and professional CSGO player , flaunt your 10 years of steam service badge and show everyone you own this game since they were not even born. This Account is Special because it has 10 years of Veteran Coin and 5 years of veteran coin in the inventory , This Account comes with a Rare steam64 ID and it is considered a collectible account. So, Don’t waste your time and get your hands on this Special Account

Note : – This is Not a steam Gift OR CD-Key

If you want Prime already added into your 10 year coin CSGO account you can consider buying a 5 year coin prime CSGO account

  • Features :
    • Counter Strike Global Offensive Already Added into the Account
    • Private rank 3-6
    • Ranked Locked
    • Hours : 0 hours
    • Wins : 0 wins
    • Prime Enabled : No
    • No Hacks / third Party Software’s are used to Boost the Account
    • 10 years Veteran Coin
    • 5 years Veteran Coin
    • 10-18 years of steam Service
    • Extra Games : Counter strike 1.6 , Day of defeat ,  Deathmatch classic , Half-Life , Half-Life : Blue Shift , Half-Life : Opposing Force , Ricochet , Team Fortress Classic



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