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What is CSGO smurf account?

CSGO smurf Accounts those accounts which have upgraded prime status in it; this upgraded status CSGO account is matched with another account with the same status only. this makes it a good account to buy because there are very fewer chances to encounter hackers in this matchmaking of CSGO. The CSGO Smurf accounts provided by us are Instant delivery, the Instant delivery sign present at each Product states that the particular account is instant delivery and it will be delivered within one second after successful payment.

All our CSGO Smurf accounts come with a lifetime warranty, which means if any issues or problems arise at any point in time. You can always contact the live chat support or contact us over discord or skype, and we are ready to assist you 24/7, our world-class customer support is ready to help you day and night without any break.

There are various accounts to choose from, Non-Prime and High Tier accounts, you can choose the rank, Hours, Medal, trophies and Loyalty Badge CSGO Smurf accounts are also available in our Game accounts Shop, which are High trust factor CSGO Ranked accounts.

you can buy a CSGO Ranked account with many payment options available on checkout, such as credit/debit card or PayPal, or you can choose to pay with 200+ local payment options provided by PayOP at checkout; you can also choose to pay with Paysafecard and Webmoney, create a custom order and contact live chat support for the same

Why buy a CSGO smurf account?

There are various reasons you might be looking for a csgo smurf account, the first one being you are fed up with cheaters in the game and don’t want to encounter them again, or you might just be looking for a smurf account to have some fun time in lower ranks and have some chilling games in the matchmaking. Well, I must tell you that you are at the right place because on goforsmurf you can buy cheap and quality csgo smurf and csgo prime accounts. A csgo smurf account is cheap and affordable, so why waste time grinding for that rank yourself when you can buy it from our website? Right? Well, that is why most people buy csgo accounts to fulfill their desires. You might be a high-ranked and skillful player, but who always wants to play those serious games every time? one also needs to have some fun games and chilling games in lower ranks with friends?

Advantages of CSGO smurf accounts?

There are many advantages of buying csgo accounts that one cannot resist buying a prime account normal csgo account. The first advantage of others is the capability to get matched only against other prime enabled accounts, which makes the game much much fair, as the Cheaters will be low in this matchmaking; another advantage is that you get so many drops in prime csgo account that you don’t get in normal non-prime csgo account. drops like free cases and free csgo skins, you can instantly use these skins in the game. Now you want to know what the biggest advantage of this is? You can sell these free skins to make money; that is right! you can sell these skins on the steam community market and make money just sitting at home playing games; you don’t have to do anything at all, just play! , you can also use the skins to show to your friends your love towards the game, the person who have more skins are generally more skilled in the game because it shows their dedication towards the game, all proffesional csgo players you see in the tournaments have skins, and they have Prime account, so it is right to say that there are many many advantages to play in Prime account than normal csgo non-prime account

CSGO smurf accounts can go into matchmaking instantly!

 Who wants to grind to make a normal csgo account to prime and grind every day just to get that prime upgraded status? when there are many csgo accounts for sale on the internet? you will be surprised to know that a normal non-prime csgo account takes 21 days of average grind to make a normal account Prime; that is just too much for a person to just enjoy the game. I must tell you that it is a waste of time when there are CSGO smurf accounts available for really low and affordable prices, A CSGO prime account can go into matchmaking as soon as you buy it, that is a lot of time saved! , if you do it yourself, you will need to spend a lot of time, and we all know that time is money, so why not spend some money to save some time?