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Master guardian 1-3 CSGO Prime Account




Master Guardian Prime CSGO Account

A Master Guardian Prime Account is probably one of the best rank to smurf in , as it lies nearly in the middle of the ranks , it makes it easy for people to smurf in , as you wont be getting really new players in your team and your opponents like in silvers , it is best way to warm up and practice is to get a master guardian account 😀 , Master guardian is a CSGO rank in which comparatively good and supportive players Play in MG and DMG rank is where People are learning the game and learning more about team play and backup support and other aspects of the game , so its a great way to grind in this Rank and also smurf in

Master Guardian CSGO Account master guardian smurf master guardian


Note : – This is Not a steam Gift OR CD-Key

This is a Normal Delivery account,  which means it can take upto 24 hours to Deliver the Account To Email

if a master guardian rank is too high rank for you consider buying a gold nova account



Features :

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive Already Added into the Account
  • Private rank 3-6
  • Ranked unlocked
  • Wins : 10-50
  • Prime Enabled : Yes
  • No Hacks / third Party Software’s are used to Boost the Account

1 review for Master guardian 1-3 CSGO Prime Account

  1. Freaky

    got the account very fast but its 50% mg1
    i give it 4 stars becouse of the the account have many loses
    i like this smurf website u can even use it as a main
    they help u to change email and stuff gratz u got a steam account!
    love this site<3

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