Silver CSGO Account

A Silver Smurf Account which lies just above the Silver 1 and 2 and just below the Gold Novas , which makes Silver Elite CSGO Smurf Account is a great choice to play in. A high Ranked Player Can easily Survive in this rank aswell as low rank also wont have any problems playing in this rank . This Account Comes with Prime Match Making , So you wont be Facing those Filthy Hackers and will have a good time Playing the game

Silver 3

Note : – This is Not a steam Gift OR CD-Key

This is a Normal Delivery account,  which means it can take upto 24 hours to Deliver the Account To Email

if silver elite Prime is too low rank for you consider buying a gold nova


Features :

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive Already Added into the Account
  • Private rank 3-6
  • Ranked unlocked
  • Rank : Random between Silver Elite to Silver Elite master
  • Wins : 10-50
  • Prime Enabled : Yes
  • No Hacks / third Party Software’s are used to Boost the Account


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